About Us

Dream It.

With over 25 years of experience training children of all ages, our founder and CEO, Natalie Egan has created the perfect mix of fun and  learning to keep children progressing and begging for more.

Believe It.

By breaking skills down into achievable goals, our students progress at their own natural pace. 

Achieve It.

We  don’t just teach gymnastics. We instill a life-long love for physical  activity while building self-confidence, goal setting and perseverance.  What better  gift to give your child?

My Story

Hi my name is Natalie Egan.  I have been a gymnast since I was 11 years old when on a bright, sunny, west Texas afternoon my mother pulled into the driveway to discover my sister and I trying to do back handsprings on our 4’ tall cement fence.    

I continued with gymnastics throughout my school years and became a coach while attending the University of Texas in Austin.  I worked at a variety of different gyms along the way and realized that there was a gap to be filled in how gymnastics was taught to children.  At the time gymnastics classes were limited to two very distinct styles, fun and energetic or strict and disciplined.  So after university I decided to open my very own gym.  A gym that taught children real gymnastics in an environment full of love, compassion and empathy.  I also wanted to make it as fun for them as it was for me. 

Jump! Gymnastics started in 2007 in the heart of Austin Texas with $5,000 of teacher retirement savings and 32 eager little clients.  We bought some equipment second hand, and rented a small space at a sports center. Every day we had to set the equipment up and take it back down.  We wrote imaginative theme-based curriculum to keep the children engaged and excited to come week after week.  We also made learning easy by breaking each skill down to its most basic parts.  The children flourished in a goal-oriented environment where they worked at their own pace achieving each part of a skill till they could cartwheel like a pro.  Jump! Gymnastics now has 2 locations in Austin, TX. 

So how did we get here?  When my team and I shut our doors in March of 2020 for the pandemic, we realized that we needed to make a pivot to a virtual structure.  At first our students struggled to focus and we saw a huge decline in skill mastery and motivation.  So, we went back to the drawing board.  We spoke to our community and coaches to find the best ways to solve these problems.  We added an online platform to track each students progress though the skills in each level, added daily challenges to get students moving more throughout the week and earning points that they can trade in for prizes.  We also completely changed the way that we teach our 2-4 year-old students.  We got a few coaches together, a couple green screens and a whole lot of imagination.  From that Adventures in gymnastics was born.  AIG is an early childhood learning series that takes children on an adventure in their own living room while teaching them gymnastics. 

Guess what…  It worked!  Now our students are engaged, having a blast, and achieving those skills they have left to master.  Once we realized that we had something truly beneficial for our students, we decided to share it with everyone. 

Cartwheels Studio is the world’s first fully virtual gymnastics school.  We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity in a way that is safe, and fun, and I sincerely hope that your family will join us on this adventure today.