Welcome to Cartwheels Studio

Our Mission

Cartwheels Studio is committed to bringing high quality, engaging, impactful gymnastics into every home in America. We believe that the benefits from knowing how to do a cartwheel extend much further than the gym. We believe that early, positive experiences with physical activity instill confidence in children and a strong sense of a child’s abilities moving forward in life, school and in social situations.

The idea for Cartwheels Studio was created in part as a reaction to the 2020 pandemic. We had trouble reaching our gymnasts in a real and impactful way. Once we saw the positive effect these new digital programs were having on our own students, we knew we had to offer this opportunity to everyone else.  So, take the next step. Become a member of our community and see the positive difference gymnastics can bring to your child. And have some fun doing it.

Our Programs

Adventures in Gymnastics

Looking for an imaginative way to keep your little ones active and having fun? Join the Adventure Coaches as they journey to far off lands, meet new friends and solve problems with the power of Gymnastics. Your children will think they’re on an adventure, but you know they’re learning the foundations for big skills like forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. This program is perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.

Achievers Live Classes

Whatever your current ability, our highly qualified coaches meet children where they are. Using goal setting and our one of a kind skill deconstruction methods, children learn at there own pace and build self confidence along the way. A life-long love for physical activity is only possible through positive childhood experiences, so what are you waiting for? Lay the foundation that will keep your children healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.

Daily Challenges

Get active, improve balance, increase strength and build self esteem with an online community of like minded children. As daily skill challenges are completed children earn points that can be traded in for prizes. Keep track of your progress and work hard to top the leader board while encouraging your friends to do the same. Enjoy this program by itself, or as a complement to live classes or Adventures in Gymnastics.

Private Lessons

Need some extra attention to master those difficult skills?  Try a 30 min private lesson.  Coaches work one on one with students to identify strengths and hone in on problem areas. 


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